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Like *Game of Thrones* Languages? Here's How to Make Your Own

Like *Game of Thrones* Languages? Here's How to Make Your Own

Dothraki. High Valyrian. Those languages on Game of Thrones sound so, so cool. If you're ambitious, you can learn to speak them on your own—and some fans have—but if you really, really want to go for the gold, you create your own tongue.

Yes, you read that correctly. Latin may be dead, but that doesn't mean the Lord of Light doesn't want you to bring a language all your own to life. But how do you do it? We're here to help.

WIRED asked David J. Peterson, the man behind the languages on Game of Thrones just how he does it. In the video above, he explains how to create new tongues, from mapping consonants to tongue placement to how to build all of your nouns and verbs. Have fun, and gundertark! (That’s our new word for "get going"—it’s a work-in-progress.)

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