Tell Congress: Defend Encryption

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The FBI may have backed off its attempts to strong-arm Apple into building a backdoor to the iPhone, but the fight over crypto is far from over. The ENCRYPT Act and the Secure Data Act are federal bills that will safeguard encryption and reject backdoors. Tell your representatives in Congress to co-sponsor these vital bills.

Certain outspoken members of the FBI and Department of Justice, and a few state legislators are attacking the encryption standards that undergird modern technology, trying to force companies to insert backdoors and defeat their own security systems. 



These actions are reckless and could hurt the security of everyone. Thankfully, there are leaders in Congress working to stop these misguided actions with forward-thinking legislation. Help defend security by sending a letter to your member of Congress today.



As security experts worldwide have repeatedly said: there’s no such thing as a backdoor that only the good guys can use.


Go to this link to submit the letter. (on the EFF site)

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