Computer Repair & Networking

Update & Repair

Complete Computer Maintenance, Spyware and Pop Up removal, System backup Services and maintanence programs.


Wired and Wireless Network Installations.

Have Wi-Fi, we'll secure it!

Awesome Support

We are available via cell phone as well as eMail. Many times we can resolve your computer problems remotely.

Have A Business?

We can maintain, update, backup your desktop computers as well as your servers.

Terminal Madness

Terminal Madness has been around for almost 18 years. We have gathered a great team together with years of experience with most types of computer systems.

Personal and Dependable Service.

One thing that working over the years as a Computer Specialist has taught me is, keep your word, do the best that you can, because others are depending on you.

Terminal Madness

About Terminal Madness

Terminal Madness started out as a Computer Bulletin Board, ( BBS ) back in the early 90's. Fascinated that one could get all the information they ever wanted "on line", for FREE, the "BBS" was named Terminal Madness.

Now, about 22 years later, that fascination with computers and information continues.

From the USA, to the Dominican Republic, to Curacao and back to the USA.

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